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Change requires a consistent and concerted effort by large numbers of citizens who can influence decision makers simply by standing up and letting them know you believe there is a better way. If you agree with Grow Smart Louisville’s platform that:

  • We believe the best care for our Nation’s treasures – our veterans – would be found within the existing infrastructure of Louisville’s downtown medical campus.
  • We believe that the long-term return on investment will be far greater for Veterans and citizens of the Commonwealth with a VA Medical Center located in downtown Louisville.
  • We believe the Department of Veteran Affairs needs to reconsider their current site selection of the new Robley Rex VA Medical Center and put the new VA hospital downtown.


Please add your name and contact information to our petition to let political representatives and community leaders know you stand with outstanding care for our Veterans and considerate disbursement of our tax dollars. NOTE: Your information will not be made public unless you authorize the use of your name in support of Grow Smart Louisville’s position on Downtown Louisville being a SMARTER location for the new VA Medical Center.

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Name Postal Code

David Goldstein, MD 40242
John Hill 40222
Anthony Martin, MD 40241
Will Sterrett Foster 75601
Charles Dobbs, MD 40207
Mike Carroll, MD 40205
Jake Brown 40204
William Hirtzel 40059
James Hiken 40059
Bill Weyland 40207
Madge Brown 40207
Magdi Mandil 47130
Jason Ralston 40299
Paul Arena 40059
Mike Miller 47150
John Cowley 40207
Barry Pecha 40207
Angela Pecha 40207
Bruce Tasch 40207
John Lepping 40222
Christina Pecha 40207
Stephanie Clemons 40207
Clara Small 40222
Carol O’Koon 40207
Fay Haupt 40222
Michael Yeager 40222
Cathy Quayle 40207
Cara Magers 40207
Fay Dorval 40207
Dayna Lachapelle 40207
Susan Martin 40207
Randall Fothergill 40299
Vivian Rakestraw 40207
Russ Rakestraw 40299
Janet Falcone 40205
Doug Hall 40207
Bev Weinberg 40242
Harold Blevins, MD 40222
Vicki Lurie 40222
Hunter Weinberg 40205
David Weinberg 40242
John Hicks 40222
James Klump 40202
John Kitson 40241
Allison Imber 40206
Roy Keeling 40071
Alan Roles 40203
Brandon Schadt 40205
James Grumley 40207
Paul Impellizzeri 40207
Julie Small 40242
Laura Dunn 40223
Denise Kaufman 40222
Clayton Smith 40203
Richie Sullivan 40241
Robert Leanhart 40272
Donna Leanhart 40272
Ashley Thieneman 40241
Rob Schwiers 40207
Aimee Schwiers 40207
Bev Meyer 40222
Mary Rose Martinette 40222
Vicki Guffey 40272
Marilyn Nicholson 40207
John VonderHaar 40222
Larry Meyer 40222
Millicent Meehan 40207
Jean Duncan 40222
Eric Gunderson 40207
Beth Klem 40059
Andrew Rawls 40222
Melissa Bork 40241
Byron Kissel 40218
James Keane 40291
Pat Roles 40222
Laura Johnson 40207
Allison O’Grady 40222
Irene Yeager 40222
Andrew Talbot 84098
Catherine Hill 40206
Julie Evans 40207
Jennifer VanVactor 40222
Todd Mercer 40207
Jennifer Stith 40206
Mary Mercer 40207
Jennifer Harcourt 40241
Jay Jones 40229
Sharron Hilbrecht 40222
Ben Swindler 40207
Kyle Hilbrecht 40222
Brian Hayden 40207
David Tegge 40222
Gregory Scheller 40207
Lloyd Taustine 40222
Nancy Kubiak 40223
Barbara Casper 40207
Jyoti Burruss, MD 40207
Jennifer Koch 40205
Michael Downey 40299
Theresa Corrigan 40204
Matthew Peterson 40222
Kimberly Peterson 40222
Guy Silva, MD 47136
Adriana Ray 40222
Rob Kadner 40207
C. Bisig, Jr. MD 40205
WP McKinney 40222
Ben Weldon 40059
Ben Reid, MD 40215
James Bailen 40222
James Keane 40291
Kishin Dodwani 40059
Sara Foerster 40207
Michael King 40205
Shad Finley 40217
E. Ramsey Kraft 40207
Brandon Graves 40203
Sue Rogers 40220
Cathy Franck 40222
Win Walker 40059
Homer Holt


Read comments from concerned citizens.

If you would like to be a Grow Smart Louisville volunteer, please contact us.

Support a growth-smart Louisville by donating to our organization.

Read Grow Smart Louisville’s formal request to the Department of Veterans Affairs to complete the full Environmental Impact Statement.

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